Ms. Tinkhonei Haokip’s completion of Doctorate Degree (PhD)

08/03/2011 16:59

God of Possibility: Praising God for Ms Tinkhonei Haokip’s completion of Doctorate Degree (PhD)

Ms. Tinkhonei Haokip has an excellent Academic background:
2001 - MA in Sociology (Tilak Maharashtra University), Pune
2004 - MPhil in 1st Division with Distinction (Tilak Maharashtra University), Pune
2005 - Passed the National Eligibility Test (NET)
2005 - Received Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship under University Grant Commission (UGC)

On the 28th of January 2011 she has successfully defended her thesis and completed her Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Sociology in the same University. Her Thesis Title was 'A Sociological Study of the Status and Process of Empowerment among the major Tribal and non-Tribal communities in Manipur since Independence 1947'.

In spite of great difficulties due to the untimely demise of both of her parents, the Lord honours her dreams and enabled her to achieve what she has achieved today. Dr.
Haokip is currently in South Korea as her husband is pursuing his PhD in Yonsei University in Theology. At the completion of her studies and her Send Off Ceremony in 2009, a booklet called God of Possibilities was published in Pune to testify God s goodness in her life as well as to encourage those, particularly women, who may be facing similar hardships in life. The book contains excellent articles including

(1) Esther (Biblical Esther) . . . What an Example! Lessons for purposeful living by Rev Dr Jacob Thomas, Belfast, UK

(2) Chieftainship and Women: A Preliminary Reflection by Rev Jangkholam Haokip, a PhD candidate, Glasgow, UK

(3) Educating the People of God in Making Good Marriages by Dr Monty Barker, Bristol, UK

(4) The Secret of Christian Contentment Philippians 4: 10-13: A Sermon by Rev Malcolm Duff, Church of Scotland, UK.

Copies are available at the libraries of UBS, Pune, Trulock Theological Seminary, Imphal and Evangelical College of Theology, Lamka.


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