Freshers' Meet cum KUT Celebration 2011

05/12/2011 11:37

A special report by Tim Haokip (Education Secy, 2010-11)

“Be there or be left out” those were the imposing words imprinted on the programme invitation cards of KSO Hyderabad’s first ever Freshers’ cum Kut celebration. And sure enough not wanting to be left out, the Birla Science Auditorium with a seating capacity of 250 had to accommodate nearly twice that number. The Freshers’ Cum Kut Celebration was held on the 29th of October as it was the closest Saturday to the real Chavang Kut day, which was a minor compromise as November 1st outside of Manipur is usually never a public holiday. “Cultural Confluence” was the chosen theme for this day and perfectly summed up the atmosphere in the auditorium which was to witness a plethora of traditional and sometimes neo-transitional cultural dances unique to the various hills tribes of the North-East.
The chief delegates for the programme were Ms. Themnu Changsan (IRS) our very own KSO Hyderabad Alumni and Mr. Pupu Misao, Deputy Commandant (CRPF), hopefully present to command some discipline over those present. The KUT PA for the day was our ever charismatic grandpa of twins Upa. T. Changsan aka, Mr. Changs famous for his Chang Farm, and who also proved to still be very agile by strutting out some dance moves with the Vaiphei Cultural Dance Troupe. Representatives from various North East bodies in Hyderabad such as the Naga Christian Fellowship (NCF), Eimi Christian Fellowship (ECF) and Hyde’a also graced us with their presence.
Ms. Neilam Kipgen and Mr. Kakai Khongsai anchored the show with their traditional good looks and international accents, thoroughly enthralling those present. The programme began with an invocation prayer by Pi. Lamneng Changsan followed by a welcome speech from the KSO President Mr. Francis Haokip. KSO (H) is blessed with many talented singers and the event witness many good performers who enthralled the audience with their vocal brilliance - The Friendship Prayer Cell, The Bharat Bible College (BBC) band, Ms. Chinneo Lhungdim, Mr. Martin Vaiphei, Mr. Sei Haokip, Ms. Boihte Kim, Mr. Holminlun Khongsai, Mr. Francis Haokip and Ms. Mischelle Sangma, Ahsisomleng Band, Letboi, Ms. Lawmkim and Mr. Thangboi Singsit, Mr. Thangboi Singsit, Banjara Band, Sainikpuri Band, Alwal Band, Solomon, Satpu, Ngamkholet and Party Band. Besides, the onslaught of high octane vocal performances, the audience were given a visual treat with cultural dance performance from various groups. The performers were - Yashoda School of Nursing students, Eashwari Bai Cultural Troupe and Vaiphei Cultural Troup.
The KUT PA was then felicitated and he gave a brief report on how various hill tribes of the North Eastern States celebrated this annual event called KUT. Our comperes then decided to call the freshers and have them give a brief introduction of themselves. From their introductory speeches it was obvious who the crowd favorites were, unanimously winning the hearts of the judges as well. Rev. Paothang Haokip then gave a short exhortation to the freshers on how to adapt to the city, its people and culture besides the curriculum to which they are admitted and later bless them with a prayer.
Pu. Paokholen Misao, Advisor KSO (H) gave us a descriptive history of KUT. Right after our history lesson we were entertained by one of our younger KSO (H) member Mr. Martin Vaiphei with his rendition of Kuki’s rock icon Maneithangja’s Jorhat Khopi; melting the hearts of many, including that of our compere Ms. Neilam.
After the entertaining first half, and with most of our esteemed guests now present, the Chief guests were now invited to share a few words. Ms. Themnu Changsan (IRS), went first, being a former KSO (H) member herself, she shared a few of her experiences growing up and motivated everyone particularly the freshers to build a positive attitude and strive towards achieving their goals. Ms. Annie Jose (Principal, Eashwari Bai College of Nursing) also spoke a few words, sharing her appreciation of the North East community and of the pleasant experiences she had while visiting some North Eastern States of India. Representatives from various North East Bodies in Hyderabad also took the time to share some words, which included Mr. Zachamo Odyo, Pastor of Naga Christian fellowship and Thangminlian, President (Hyde’a).
There was then a swearing in of the new KSO (H) executive members who were blessed by Rev. Paothang Haokip. This was followed by an award distribution ceremony by the Mr. Tim Haokip (Edu. Secy) & Mr. Guni Khongsai (Info. Secy) and our Chief Guests - Ms. Themnu Changsan & Pupu Misao, who gave out certificates and prizes to the meritorious students.
The best was saved for last, for some people at least, who were lucky enough to win prizes from the lucky draw. Sanglien Singson won the first prize in the draw. The winners of Mr. and Ms. Fresher 2011 were declared as Gl. Lettinlal Misao and Ng. Hoilaldoi Vaiphei. The evening closed with a vote of thanks by Pu. Letkholun Vaiphei and a closing prayer by Nu. Hoisen
This event would not have been possible without the help of our delightful sponsors, such as team Red Bull who made sure they didn’t go unnoticed; energizing every one present with their energy drinks whose effect was immediately felt by the increasing noise generated by the audience, as well as boosting the energy levels of the performers. Our other sponsors to whom we owe a lot for successfully holding this event are KOMIREDDY & KOMMIREDDY and ABHYAAS coaching institute.
All in all we were very privileged to be able to successfully pull off such an event, uniting all the Kuki students in Hyderabad under one umbrella where everyone had something to gain. In a  closing speech from his presidential address, Mr. Francis O Haokip, KSO (H) President said that, “As more and more of our student community come to big metros for various educational pursuits, it is important that we continue to cherish and preserve our unique & diverse cultures wherever we are. It is in this spirit that we have organized this celebration today and we plan to conduct the celebrations every year.
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