Election Committee for General Elections (2011-12)

01/08/2011 15:06

KSO (Hyd) in its 7th Executive Committee Meeting held on 30th July 2011 have constituted an 'Election Committee' comprising of  the two Advisors - Pu. P. Misao & Pu. Letkholun Vaiphei and Gl. Henginlien Kipgen to conduct the General Elections for the year 2011-12. 

The Committee has been entrusted with the full power and authority to elect the new executive committee for the year 2011-12 through a fair and representative process and complete the election before 30th September 2011.

In this regard, nominations and proposals can be submitted directly to the commitee members on or before 31st August 2011 either through phone or email at the contact details given below - 

  • Pu. P. Misao (Email - pkmisao@yahoo.com, Contact No - +91-8985970517)
  • Pu. Letkholun Vaiphei (Email - sl_vaiphei@yahoo.co.in, Contact No - +91-9676946409)
  • Gl. Henginlien Kipgen (Email - ginkips87@yahoo.com, Contact No - +91-8978468352)



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