Launch of bi-monthly KSO (H) Newsletter - AHSISOMLENG

22/08/2011 11:00

AHSISOMLENG - the bi-monthly newsletter of KSO (H) was formally launched and blessed by Upa T. Changsan on 21st August 2011 (Sunday) at Centenary Baptist Church during the KWS Sunday Service. Speaking on the occassion, Upa T. Changsan commended the AHSISOMLENG team and KSO (H) for the initiative saying that this is yet another sign of progress and growth of the organisation and another fruit of His divine blessings on the student community at Hyderabad.

He also exhorted all members to support and contribute to this initiative and use AHSISOMLENG as a medium and platform for value-added discussions and sharing of ideas for the overall development of the student community here.

Several members also gave generous contributions towards the initiative on the ocassion. KSO (H) and AHSISOMLENG team convey our heartful gratitude and thanks to them and to all the members for making this initiative become a reality.

Going foward, we encourage all members to contribute to the initiative by sending in articles, comments, suggestions and feedback so that we can continue to improve the newsletter!

All comments, feedback, suggestions or articles may be forward to or

For a soft copy of the first issue of AHISOMLENG, please click here => AHISOMLENG (August 2011)


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