07/06/2011 11:30

As already communicated through our earlier press releases, KSO (Hyd) will assist and provide guidance to all students interested in pursuing various courses in Hyderabad starting from the Academic Year 2011-12. The admission process for the various nursing schools and colleges in the city have started. Hence, all interested students are requested to confirm and contact KSO (Hyd) representatives on or before 10th June 2011 (Friday), if they want to be included in the 'first slot'. The names of all the students who provide confirmation on or before this date will be taken up for the first round of admissions on 11th June 2011 (Saturday). Thereafter, a second list will be prepared for the second slot and so on depending on the number of interested students.

Since the number of seats are limited, we request all the interested students to try and confirm their names at the earliest possible!

The contact details of the KSO (Hyd) representatives are as below -

  • Francis O Haokip (+91-9866208333)
  • Minlien Suantak (+91-9612489687)
  • Kakai Khongsai (+91-8974612838)
  • Gunny Khongsai (+91-9703946940)

Also, admission processes for the various B.Sc and B.A courses have also started, all interested students can directly contact Thangneo Chongloi (+91-8897045919)




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