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New Treasurer (Ng. Teresa Baite)

01/08/2011 14:25
As our Treasurer - Ng. Lhalhai Singsit has left Hyderabad for good, KSO (Hyd) Executives at the 7th Executive Meeting held on 30th July 2011 elected Ng. Teresa Baite as the new Treasurer for the Year 2010-11. On behalf of all the members, KSO (Hyd) Executives convey our heartfelt gratitude to Ng....


07/06/2011 11:30
As already communicated through our earlier press releases, KSO (Hyd) will assist and provide guidance to all students interested in pursuing various courses in Hyderabad starting from the Academic Year 2011-12. The admission process for the various nursing schools and colleges in the city have...

Concept Maths - Special Discount for KSO (Hyd) Members

20/05/2011 17:14
Abhyaas has recently launched a "Concept Maths" Course - a unique course to help students develop the skill and speed with math aptitude essential for various competitive and entrance exams and the course is starting from May 25, 2011. Like in the past, Team Abhyaas has agreed to offer a 30%...

Sangthang Singsit

19/04/2011 20:53
Sopi te ho, gam chom2 a i um nau va, i gam le inam gel doh in. Pan ha lah cheh u te. Our nation future depends on us. Long live KSO hyderabad..

Top 10 B-Schools In India (2011)

16/04/2011 23:08
Top 10 B-Schools of India as per the 'The A-List of B-Schools Rankings 2011' handbook released by CNBC TV 18 in partnership with the primier market research and consulting firm Cfore, the reputed B-school information provider – and one of the nation’s best recognized brands in MBA test...

Admissions to Hyderabad University 2011-12

13/04/2011 19:47
The University of Hyderabad, a premier institution of Postgraduate teaching and research offers admission into different courses/programmes on all-India basis in order of merit in the entrance examination. The courses offered by the University include inter alia 5-Year Integrated M.A & M.Sc...

Noble Son of India Award to Dr. H H Mate

12/04/2011 00:29
Dr. H.H. Mate - an eminent Educationist, Scientist and Social Worker was here in the city to receive the "Mother Teresa Excellence Award" and the "Noble Son of India Award" from Shri Satyanarayana, the Social Welfare Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 10th April 2011. The awards were conferred on him by...

Lucy Mate

28/03/2011 18:03
Its great to know about the KSO(H) website  n i personally feel its an honour for me being a KSO and for everyone to have made  such a tremendous work. and also looking forward to a fruitfull and great achievemnt in future. keep up guys. Keep rockin..

Henginlen Kipgen

28/03/2011 18:01
Tuchung Hyderabad KSO Executive hon nahin boldoh u website hi ahoilheh in abana jong hiche sanga hoijo a nahin boipi jing ding u jong kakinem in chuleh kipathu seijoulou naboncha chunguva kahing phonge. Tah Chapa Tah Chanu akilungto teng boldoh lel ding ema aumpoi ti hi hejing ute. I am proud to...

Press Release - Nursing College Admissions

19/03/2011 16:32
KUKI STUDENTS’ ORGANISATION, HYDERABAD BRANCH “ELIM” 1-5-423/1, Surya Nagar, Old Alwal, Secunderabad-500 010 Regd. 1311  Hyderabad khopi sunga koitabang themjilna neinom, adeh a nursing bolnom aumleh KSO Hyderabad Branch in tukuma pat in kithopi ding in tohgon akineijin ahi. Mitamtah hi boina...

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